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Many drivers lose time and money because of stuff they don’t know about their pick-up and drop-off locations. Join fellow drivers and industry pros working to solve this problem with Dock411.

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Know Before You Go.

With Dock411, you no longer need to go into stops blind. Find out where to go, what dock door to back into, and even what door to enter before you arrive at your destination. Knowing these and other crucial dock details in advance will make a difference in your day.

Before your next stop, quickly look up details like local directions, wait times, dock door numbers, load/unload procedures, weight limits, backing situations and even restroom availability. Dock411 hosts all the details about your stops that you need to know.

Help The Next Guy Out.

As drivers, we know that the shipping/receiving industry is far from a well-oiled machine. The Dock411 database is aimed at making trucking run a little smoother for all involved.

Have you searched for a dock that’s not listed in our app? Drivers can take matters into their own hands by entering key information at their stops. All it takes is a minute or two – and you’ll have the satisfaction of helping the next guy out. Rate your experience, snap a photo, improve directions and leave comments.


It’s All About the Details

Appointment Needed

Appointment Needed



Check-in Location

Check-in Location


Best Arrival Time



Restrooms Available

Restrooms Available

Dock Attributes

We host all the details you could possibly want to know about your stop. We have 40+ ratable Dock Attributes to help make your trip smoother. Learn what other drivers have to say about a drop-off.

Locate Hazards

Warn yourself and fellow drivers of unmarked hazards you encounter on your way to a stop. Accidents, road construction, potholes, low wires, low clearance areas, debris and tight turns to name a few!

Points of Interest

Find and mark Points of Interest on the map along your route. Locate nearby truck stops, gas stations, dealers, truck parking, rest areas, weigh stations, scales and temporary scales, truck washes and more!


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