Strategic Shipper Program

NASSTRAC’s Strategic Shipper Program

Strategic Shipper Program


Congratulations on your decision to enroll in the NASSTRAC Strategic Shipper Program. You will build trust with your carriers, make your freight more desirable to haul, and reduce dwell time. Dock411’s platform will enable you to be transparent with your facility information, information that professional truck drivers want before they arrive at your facility.

Some of the information you provide via the Dock411 platform include:

  • Facility Hours
  • Facility Gating Information
  • Average Dwell Time Loading/Unloading
  • Staging & Drop Area Access
  • Specific Receiving Instructions
  • Directions and signage

Your policy and attitude toward dwell time are a characteristic that can hit you directly in the wallet. As a NASSTRAC Strategic Shipper, you will have the reputation that you are working to help your carrier partners and their professional drivers make more money by driving more and sitting less at your facility.

Saving time, money, and frustration works for you as well as carriers and drivers. With Dock411 platform, you can communicate your rules, procedures, and load/unload locations directly to the drivers before they get to your facility.

Let’s get started with the implementation process so that you can begin communicating impactful information to your carrier partners and start saving money.

Please complete the form below and a representative of Dock411 will contact you promptly.