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At Dock411, we provide important dock information that truckers can use to make their day easier. We do this out of respect and admiration for the individuals that keep our country running. Look at the numbers. There are approximately 4 million truckers on the road, moving $1 trillion worth of goods around the U.S on an annual basis. That’s tough to even fathom.

When deliveries move slow, it is frustrating to truckers and reverberates through the whole economy. It doesn’t have to be that way. We built Dock411 to provide the kind of information that can keep transport efficient, and prevent holdups like damaged cargo or confusion at stops.

Now truckers can be aware of things like hours of operation, loading times, yard hazards, backing situations, pallet restrictions and even preview images of the docks before arriving. The list goes on and continues to grow. The app allows truckers and industry workers to easily share information with each other so everybody is in the loop. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can help you save time, money and a lot of frustration.

Dock411 co-founder, Dan Serewicz, gives us a break down of the app and its origin.

Making the industry faster, safer and less frustrating one dock at a time.

We Saw the Need for a Solution

Our co-founder, Dan Serewicz, literally watched this problem unfold on a daily basis from his former post as a warehouse manager. He was watching truckers lose time because they didn’t know what dock to use, or what weight restrictions the drop off site required for unloading pallets.

He knew he could help them solve that problem – and that’s when he came up with the idea that became Dock411.

But before we did anything, we wanted to understand how deep the problem went. So we talked to some of the truckers we knew and sent out a survey to 10,000 drivers across the industry.

The answers were resoundingly clear:

70% Drivers have lost time or money due to issues at a stop


24% Have had a load damaged due to unforeseen circumstances


64% Drivers visit new locations every day


91% Would like information or photos of a stop before they arrive


83% Would spend 5 minutes entering information about a stop

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