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Join the tens of thousands of other companies who use Dock411 to inform drivers before they arrive.

The best way to manage your facility on Dock411 is by claiming your Facility Listing and creating a login. It’s a great way to engage the Dock411 community of drivers, carriers, and other shippers.

After claiming your facility listing, you’ll be able to:

  • Respond to reviews with a direct message or a public comment
  • Track the User Views and Reviews is generating for your facility
  • Add photos, videos, and 70+ other pieces of information to your listing
  • Update important information such as your business hours and phone number

To begin the claim process, fill out and submit the form. We’ll do the work to check to see if your facility is already in our system (a driver may have already added it) and verify your claim.

Either way, we’ll contact you to give you access to the listing.

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