Are you a Shipper?

Dock411 gives Shipper/Receivers the ability to list and share their dock’s information. Improve flow and safety in and around your facility by working with informed Drivers.

Make your job easier.

A Dock411 Official Listing gives you the ability to answer drivers’ questions about your location once and have them prepared before they arrive.

Official Listing

Create a listing and publish answers to questions drivers have

Easily share your information using your unique D411 ID

Receive notifications when someone posts a dock review

Pinpoint docks, entrances, security checkpoints and more

Post policies, procedures, wait times and requirements

Add dock photos and safety videos

The list goes on!

Official Company Listing Badge

An Official Listing badge signifies to drivers that information about your facility was supplied by the company itself, not only other drivers. Providing location details to drivers saves you time, money and frustration.

Official Listing Badge
Custom Branded Markers

Custom Branded Map Marker

As a Dock411 Official Listing, your company gets it’s own custom branded map marker! Drivers in the area will be able to see your facility on their Dock411 map and know that your information is listed in the app.

Increase safety and reduce lost time at your facility with an Official Listing

Plan Options & Details

Enhanced Listing

  • Save time, money and frustration - add information and photos of your location to Dock411 so drivers know what to expect before they arrive
  • Reduce risk - tell drivers about hazards in your yard to reduce property damage claims
  • D411 ID™ - unique identifier for your location. Give it to drivers and tell them to look up your location before they arrive
  • Control the conversation - get notified when a driver posts a review about your location
  • Dock Organizer - keep an eye on and manage multiple locations
  • “Official Information” badge - identifies your information as the official company word

Concierge Listing

  • Everything included in an Enhanced Listing plus...
  • Concierge Service - a member of our team will visit your location and gather the information for you
  • Signage - receive a metal Dock411 sign to place at your yard entrance
  • Reports - get monthly reports of the reviews of your facilities
  • Support - get additional phone and online support