2,356 New Shipper Locations

We aim to build the biggest and most complete database of dock locations across North America.

We’re building our database by collecting and processing information from multiple sources.

One source is our own team. We go out and research locations on a regular basis.

A second source is partners who share their data.

Our app is another source of information. Drivers use it to add information about their stops.

Data From Drivers

Beside the app, there is another way drivers have been a great source of information. Many drivers keep a notebook of locations they’ve visited over their careers. (It’s not always a notebook; sometimes it’s a stack of index cards.) They share that information with us because they recognize the benefit of having that information be available to fellow drivers, not locked in their own cab.

One driver friend gave us a list of 2,356 locations he’s visited over the years. The locations are primarily food related; processing plants, distribution centers, and cold storage warehouses. He has kept detailed notes on each location, including approach route, hours of operation, and local restaurants. They cover 1,236 cities in the lower 48 states.

We’ll be processing the data over the next few weeks, cleaning and organizing the data to conform to our format. If our data team is in the area, we’ll take some photos and add them to the app. Then we’ll migrate everything into the main Dock411 database so it’s available to all our users.

If you have a database of docks, shippers, manufacturing facilities, or any other location truck drivers visit, let us know. We’ll provide you with a secure means to transfer the file to us. If you are concerned about sharing data, for example, because it’s your customer list, we can anonymize the data in a variety of ways to disassociate it from you.