700,000 New Locations

We collect data from three sources.

First, we have our own team which goes out and visits major industrial hubs to take photos and gather information.

Our driver users are a second extremely important source of information. Their regular contributions form the base of our daily growth.

Partners Share Their Data

The third source of information is from friends and partners who see the value we are generating and how their data can multiply the value for everyone involved.

I’ve written before about data files we’ve received from other sources, but the one we received today is a monster compared our previous files. The data we received today includes more than 700,000 locations.

The locations include other factories and other locations visited by trucks over the past several years.

Over the next few months we’ll go through our normal process of cleaning and massaging the data to conform to our format. Then we’ll start contacting each of the locations to get any additional data we can about their facility. And if our data team is in the area, we’ll take some photos and add them to the app. Then we’ll migrate everything into the main Dock411 database so it’s available to all our users.

Want to be our new record holder? Do you have more than 700,000 location addresses? If you do, or even if it’s just 7 addresses, let us know. We’ll provide you with a secure means to transfer the file to us. If you are concerned about sharing data, for example, because it’s your customer list, we can anonymize the data in a variety of ways to disassociate it from you.