Am I really a “Shipper of Choice”?

Have you ever asked yourself if you and your organization are really a “shipper of choice”?

If you have, how do you determine whether you are viewed as a trusted shipper?

Today more than ever you need to be sure you really are, not just hope or think you are.

Why? Safety issues and lost money are two of the biggest reasons why you should be a shipper of choice.

What does it cost you to not be a shipper of choice?

Surveys show that you are most likely losing over $1M a year in detention fees, lost productivity costs of your staff, and compliance/insurance costs.

There is a solution — information is a key component to improving your  position as a shipper of choice.

How? Provide impactful — not just interesting — information to a driver before he or she even gets to your facility.

What type of information is impactful to a driver? Common feedback we have heard include answers to questions like, who do I talk to when I get to the facility, what are your hours, what is current load or unload time, do you have truck parking, and do you have restrooms available? All questions that might appear to be simply interesting but really are impactful because if the driver has the information in advance, they can reduce the time at your facility and also reduce the chances of a compliance or insurance-related issue.

Lastly, to improve and become more driver-centric, allow reviews and driver feedback on their experience at your location. By reviewing your facility feedback you will be able to take actionable steps to becoming a “shipper of choice”.

Bottom line, with all the operational and financial decisions you are making today, it is easy to focus on only the tactical activities in your daily responsibilities. By taking a moment to step back and look at the bigger strategic issues, you can identify and implement solutions which increase your bottom line.

Interested in learning how a data platform can help you become more strategic? Give me a call or email me to discuss your situation and possible solutions.