Are You Attracting the Right Drivers?

Warehouse vacancy rates are extremely low, which means that as we emerge from the holiday season you’ll need a lot of drivers to move product from your facility to retail stores. 

The question is, are you going to attract the drivers you want?

Even major retailers like Walmart only have 20% in-house drivers. They use brokers to send out the majority of your loads, and the reputation of your facility can make a big difference in whether your loads are taken at a good rate. 

What can you do to get the right drivers for your spot loads? Here are some ideas.

Provide Detailed Information About Your Facility

The more a driver knows about your facility, the more likely they are to be comfortable with your spot loads. If you have a reputation for providing accurate, detailed information, drivers will be far more likely to take your loads at a good price.

How can you share this information with broker drivers? It can be challenging since they aren’t centralized with a particular carrier. However, using an app like Dock411 can make a big difference. Dock411 is available for all drivers, whether they are independent or with a carrier. 

You can claim an entire area for your facility and include information about where restrooms are located, whether snack machines are available, where parking is available nearby, and more. You can also see reviews on your facility from drivers and respond to them, allowing you to manage your reputation proactively.

Use Online Load Boards

Using a broker isn’t the only way to get your spot loads claimed. You can also use online load boards — but stick with the ones that screen the carriers. You don’t want to take too much of a gamble with your freight.

Also, consider whether you want to use an online board where drivers bid on your load or one where you set the price yourself. Bidding some can sometimes get you a lower price, but you might find lower-quality drivers on those boards.

Build Strong Relationships With Drivers

The best way to get great drivers to take your spot loads is to commit to building great relationships with good drivers. 

Of course, the first step is to ensure your team shows respect to drivers and treat them well when they arrive and dock. Next, consider providing additional amenities such as easy access to snacks, clear directions to a parking location, or other perks. Make it easy to get paid, and provide a 24/7 number so they can reach someone with questions. 

From there, keep track of your favorite drivers. Get to know them and what areas they like run so you can connect with them for ideal spot loads. You’ll develop a network of high-quality drivers that know and like you and are able to help you out. 

Get Your Spot Loads Moving Smoothly

With warehouse vacancy so low, you’ll need to take advantage of spot loads to get your product to retailers for at least the first few months of 2023, if not longer. The tips above will help you get the best drivers at the best rates.

Take the first step today — claim your facility on Dock411!