Big News for Shippers From Dock411

We recently shared a huge upgrade in our database that will double the scope of Dock411 for drivers, carriers, and brokers. 

But don’t worry — we didn’t forget about shippers! We have another upgrade that will make it easier and less expensive than ever to list your warehouse and share information about your facility.

We’ve been holding back for a long time, so it’s time to make the big announcement!

Introducing Freemium for Shippers in 2022

Until now, in order to manage a facility on Dock411’s database, shippers had to be paying members of the platform.

This year, we’ve made a significant change: shippers can list their facilities for free!

That allows you to improve the information available to drivers who frequent your warehouse, collect reviews so you can see what drivers love (and what you can improve) about your facility, and more.

If you’re ready to increase your visibility in the trucking industry, listing your facility on Dock411 is a great way to take that first step forward — and now we have a free tier!

Features Shippers Get For Free

A free profile on Dock411 isn’t just about listing your information. Your facility gets a lot of other benefits as well. 

Free shipper profiles enjoy:

  • The ability to add and update information about your warehouse
  • A full-featured map that allows you to note the yard entrance, any hazards or areas to avoid, and the location of staging areas
  • The ability to add photos so drivers can know what to expect as they approach and interact with your facility
  • The ability to respond to driver reviews

These benefits make it a no-brainer to list your facility on Dock411. You’ll gain visibility, improve the experience of drivers who use your facility, and limit disruptions or accidents at your warehouse.

We’d love to show you the functionality of Dock411’s free account in person. If you’ll be at MATS, stop by our booth for a demonstration.

Full Features For Paying Customers

Of course, if you choose to move beyond the free profile you’ll gain a host of additional benefits. Paying shippers get all of the access that a free account gets, plus additional perks.

If you choose to have a premium shipper account, you’ll enjoy the ability to:

  • Send drivers a link to your facility profile on Dock411 using text message or email
  • Manage up to five warehouses on a single account
  • Download PDF versions of your flyers and signage
  • Run reports on your profile activity, including the number of views
  • [Coming Later in 2022] Use dock scheduling features

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a paid account, especially if you’re a shipper who manages more than one warehouse. 

We’d love to talk to you more about the features you can get for a small subscription fee. Look for us at MATS or contact us anytime! 

Connect With Us at MATS For More Information

We’re excited to have new features for every type of Dock411 user, including shippers. If you’ll be at MATS, you can find us at booth 68208, in the southwest corner of the West Wing. We’ll also be at Hammerheads on Wednesday night and Agave and Rye on Thursday night.

Come see us and we’ll be happy to show you the new Dock411 benefits for shippers. You don’t want to miss out!