Dock Attributes and their colors

When we were building Dock411 we found that we needed a way to distinguish between shipper and driver supplied information. Following the leading social media platforms we decided to use a blue verified badge to distinguish shipper information from driver submitted information.

We carried the blue shipper color into when we show the various attributes or details about a dock. For example, if a shipper says they have restrooms we show that in a blue box with white lettering while also adding the blue verified badge.

We also wanted to show if drivers agree or disagree with what the shipper said. We do this by showing the attribute info bar.

To see what the individual drivers have said, click the 3 horizontal lines to open the attribute breakdown pop-up.

Afterward you’ll be able to see the full list of what both the company and drivers have said. Again, the blue verified badge indicates the information shippers have supplied and the individual driver breakdown follows.

With many of our docks shippers haven’t supplied the information. The dock details were entered by either one of our awesome mobile app users or by the relentless Dock411 data team. In either case the dock attributes won’t show the blue verified badge.

Our design team wanted to visually distinguish the attributes even more and decided to use a data driven color scheme. For example a Yes answer will show in green while a No will show in red.

Again we wanted to show what percentage of drivers agree or disagree with the answer and show the attribute info bar as needed.

As above click the 3 horizontal lines to see what the individual drivers have said.

For this dock half the drivers said Yes while the other half said No.

We hope this overview of the dock attribute colors, attribute info bar, and how to review individual driver comments provides more insight into our apps.

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