Dock411 – A Driver’s View

From One Driver to Another

As I stare at the blank page, I think of all the stories I could tell you, all the great sunrises over the mountains, in large and small cities; all the people I’ve met along the way; all the heartbreak and despair from those less fortunate; and all those sunsets along this great country (and Canada); and then all those overnight runs to the next great show in that town down the road…..

This is about “giving back” to our community, and those that work with us in our quest to “get ‘er done” and get down the road with that next load.

Dock411 has been around for a few years now. I don’t remember the first time I came upon them, but they made an impact in my life, and how I look at other truckers, and the future of our industry.

I’ve been doing this a long time and have quite a bit of “institutional knowledge” of locations and where and how to get into and out of places. You just learn these by doing, and you become aware of how to maneuver. I had a wealth of information on sites, and their idiosyncrasies, something EVERY driver comes across, daily, weekly, all the time….  IF…… there was a way to tell others about this; I kept thinking….

That’s how I came across Dock411. Dan Serewicz had posted something I guess early on, and I must have come across it on Facebook…  I was hooked. From the beginning I saw the potential to create an app that took care of “us”, the driver, so that any “new” dock was no longer. All the knowledge that other drivers had, was now available to us whenever we needed it…. We just need to share it with others…

This is where I need your help…  As a group, we are quite thoughtful, and giving. Yeah sometimes we are all “that driver”, grumpy, and pissed at the world, but we do find the time and effort to help a driver in need… Well, this app, and all the drivers that download and use this app will give every other driver out here, that little extra helping hand up the next time they go to a new facility they’ve never been before….

Download Dock411 on Android or iOS. Start entering your data into their easy to use database. Give a hand to the next driver going to that facility. Share your knowledge. Share your information. We are all together in our daily struggle, why make it more difficult when we can “pay it forward” one dock at a time….

I’m “all in” with Dock411 because they have the motto “Always Free For The Driver”. For them, its always been about us. Let’s start giving back to our community, one dock at a time.