Dock411 App FAQ

What is it? What can I do with it?

The Dock411 app is a tool for drivers to find information about their next pickup and drop-off locations, before they get there. When they get there, they can help by adding reviews and information that might help other drivers coming to the facility. 

Is the app free? How much does it cost?

The app is and will always be FREE for drivers. We do have a “pro” version available and we have plans to add features to it, but there will always be a free version available.

How do I find a dock?

Download the app for either iOS or Android. Tap search in the upper left part of the home screen, enter your next company or address, tap the correct one from the dropdown, then select the correct dock and we’ll show you all the info we have for that location. 

Do I need an account?

You only need an account to add information. You can view all of our info completely free and anonymous. But with a Dock411 account you can :

  • Add shipper / receiver reviews
  • Add shipper / receiver information
  • Keep track of all your past dock locations
  • Keep track of problem docks, or companies you’d love to visit again
  • Interact with other drivers 

Do you track me?

We do not track you or sell your data to anyone. On the mobile apps we do request your location, but only to help when you’re searching for a dock, and to remind you when you get to a location. We don’t store any of your personal info, other than what you provide on your account page.

Why is my next dock not listed?

When we started four years ago, nobody had collected any of this information. We had to start from the ground up and rely on our small user base of drivers. With millions of shipper / receiver locations in the US, it’s been a slow process to build up our database with useful information. But now we have hundreds of thousands of locations with valuable information, and growing daily! If we don’t have information on your next stop, just let us know and and then check back within 24 hours.