Dock411 & FreightTracer

Dock411 & Freight Tracer are teaming up!

You heard right! The newest, real time freight tracking platform is partnering with the industry’s top source for dock information.

What is FreightTracer?

Glad you asked, FreightTracer is the newest and most powerful full-truckload freight tracking platform on the market. Built from the ground up, their system is a simple and easy-to-use solution that targets manufacturers, distributors, brokers and carriers.

FreightTracer offers tons of features including:

  • Real-Time FTL GPS Tracking
  • Enablement of customer tracking links
  • Automatic display of both Time in/out and delivery status
  • Immediate POD upload
  • Route Tracing
  • Carrier Scoring
  • Vendor Insurance Tracking
  • File Upload Storage
  • Driver Mobile Load Management
  • Bill of Lading Creation
  • And much more…

“FreightTracer saw the value that Dock411 could provide its users.” Said Mark Eichinger, a FreightTracer Co-Founder. “By joining forces, we can create a partnership that benefits both of our businesses by providing value to our drivers while allowing Dock411 to grow and expand their database. We really look forward to working with the Dock411 team.”

As a load is established in the FreightTracer system, the Dock411 icon will appear on the screen next to the load information. The Dock411 icon will open up the mobile app or the web version if the app has not yet been downloaded. Once the user is in the app, they will be able to view the details of the stop prior to arrival. Details available to the user include local directions, photos of the dock and facility/area, wait times, overnight parking, procedural instructions, satellite map location of the dock, restroom availability and cleanliness, pet policies, if there are vending machines, lumper fees and much more.

Dock411 also allows users to add their experience and information about stops. Drivers can enter information while waiting at the stop, and office personnel can add comments and information they have received from the shipper/receiver.

We see the value of this integration for both companies in providing crucial dock information to the user. We’re eager to see the results and looking forward to the evolution of this collaboration! Follow the Dock411 social media pages for further news and updates on this new relationship between Dock411 and FreightTracer. Visit and for more information.