Dock411 is More than an App?

That’s right folks, welcome to the web version of Dock411. This version will open up a lot of possibilities. Now, Dock411 will be available on way more than just a phone. The amount of different audiences that can use the Dock411 data will expand due to ease of access.

The web version will look and function just like the mobile app so once you know one, you can easily learn the other. The web version will also have special features and tools to cater to its different types of audiences.

So who will be using this version?

  • Truck Drivers
  • Dispatchers
  • Sales Staff/Back office
  • 3PL’s
  • Carriers

Truck drivers are known to have a lot of electronics in their cab – phones, tablets, laptops, GPS, etc. With the web version, drivers can view Dock411 on their laptops as well as phones and tablets.

Dispatchers can now see what that driver is getting into before they get there. They can also talk to their drivers about issues while the driver is at the location and have a better understanding of what they are going through at the shipper. We’ve heard many times from drivers that they think the dispatcher doesn’t understand trucking because they have never been in the drivers seat. Now, the dispatcher gets a view from the drivers seat with Dock411. They can see what the shipper says to do, plus what other drivers have said about that facility.

Brokers and Carriers, wouldn’t it be nice if your sales staff that are bidding/pricing loads know if that shipper had long wait times or if the facility was fit for the size truck? Dock411 shows it users about 47 different attributes about a facility. The more information everyone has, the better the decisions can be made throughout the entire shipment cycle.

The web version is now in BETA testing and we are accepting BETA testers. Hint Hint…there are benefits to getting in early with us! Give us a call or email to learn more!