Is your facility trucker-friendly?

To some this question may seem odd, but to others, it could be key to their business success. How smoothly products flow in and out of your facility is an important factor of the efficiency of your business and can affect customer satisfaction. Upon evaluation, it is important to make sure both the inside and outside of your facility are assessed.

The parking lot and warehouse are often overlooked while evaluating how a business operates. If you have goods continuously flowing in and out of your building, it would make sense to optimize the process, right?
There are numerous systems and products that can improve the efficiency and safety of the warehouse environment. Simple organization and proper staffing can dramatically affect overall customer satisfaction. It may sound obvious, but warehouses that are clean and better organized can operate efficiently with less staff.

Businesses have a higher perceived value when its facility is neat and orderly. This is especially important in facilities with constant customer traffic and interaction. For example, if you walked into a jewelry store to purchase an engagement ring and the store was cluttered, products were disorganized and the staff’s appearance was sloppy. This would ruin your perception of the business and the predicted value of any product they offer. The diamonds in the case could be flawless, but might be perceived as lesser quality due to the surrounding environment.

When evaluating the outside of your facility, try to put yourself in the transporter’s shoes. Observe how a truck driver pulls in and out of your facility. Notice if there are obstacles in the way or hazards they need to avoid. How is the condition of the yard? Try loading flatbeds in the parking lot and there are potholes everywhere! Give me a break! Warehouse managers, throw your drivers a bone and ask them how you can improve their overall visit. You might be surprised to learn a few things about the challenges of driving at your facility.