Freight Impacted by COVID-19

Dock411 Offers Tool to Help Shipments Keep Moving

Today we announced that manufacturers, producers, food and medical suppliers, and other shippers can use our service for no cost through May 15, 2020.

Dock411’s software enhances communication between truck drivers, shippers, and others in the supply chain. Shippers use the tool to create a facility profile which lists important information about their location, including hours, special restrictions, best approach route to the facility, and other details to ensure trucks get in and out quickly and efficiently. During the COVID-19 pandemic, shippers, like most businesses, have had their business operations upended. Dock411 allows them to communicate the conditions and special procedures about the facility to their partners quickly and easily from a centralized system.

Driver Bob Stanton says, “As a truck driver, it’s always helpful for me to know as much as possible about a warehouse before I get there. A simple detail like requirements for Personal Protective Equipment can mean getting in-and-out on time or being delayed hours.”

Driver Jeff Pelletier adds, “Lack of information about facilities has been a problem for years, but the CCP virus has really highlighted it, as many places are changing their hours or procedures. Everyone out here is working hard and doing what we can to keep stuff on the shelves.”

Eric Weidl, Dock411 Co-Founder, said, “We built Dock411 from day one to help speed the supply chain and make sure drivers know important details about their stops so they can get in and out quickly and safely. The COVID-19 virus has put an unprecedented strain on the supply chain. We salute and thank everyone in trucking and logistics for all the incredible work they’re doing. Waving our costs for new shipper users so they could take advantage of the service is our contribution to the fight.”

Manufacturers, producers, or other shippers who wish to take advantage of this service should visit and click the banner on the home page to complete the KEEP FREIGHT MOVING – FIGHT COVID form.