Integrating Dock411 Data Into Your Transportation App

At Dock411, we are on a mission to increase transparency in the trucking industry by giving drivers and carriers more information about the shippers they deliver to. The more information that’s available, the more everyone wins. Drivers know when to arrive and what process to follow. Shippers get on-time deliveries with less hassle, and carriers have happy drivers who have long careers in the industry. But how do you get access to the information without downloading yet another app? It’s simple. You integrate it into your own transportation app.

How to Access the API

We are eager to have partners use our data in their own software. Our goal is to share the information we have on over 200,000 shippers with the transportation world.  That’s why we make it easy for carriers and anyone else with a trucking app to integrate Dock411 information. All you do is request your Dock411 ID and then use it to get information through the API.  That gives you up-to-date reviews and shipper information that is controlled for duplicates and comes from both drivers and shippers, so you get the whole story.   If you list the weather in your driving app, you don’t buy your own satellites. Instead, you find existing weather data and integrate it into your software. These reviews are the same — there’s no need to start from scratch when you can seamlessly access information on over 200,000 shippers.

A Driver’s Biggest Headache

Drivers spend days or weeks on the road, which is both mentally and physically taxing. We decided to ask in a trucker Facebook group, “What do you most wish your bosses understood about your job?”  Several of the drivers who responded said the same thing — they have to wait a frustrating amount of time when they get to a facility before they can unload. This sitting time is unpaid, and as a result, the driver loses money whenever there’s a long wait. How can that be better? Sometimes it’s the shipper’s fault for getting backed up and not honoring the set appointments when the drivers arrive. But it also helps when a driver knows what to expect. If a shipper has a reputation for being backed up, a driver would at least know that when they arrived. Reviews from drivers and information from the shipper can also help truckers know where bathrooms, snacks, and other services are located. Dock411 includes that type of information in our database of facility profiles, and it’s available to any driver with access to our data. 

The Benefits of Facility Reviews and Maps

The facility reviews and maps included in Dock411 can bring your drivers significant benefits.  Most importantly, the information helps them know what’s in store as they approach a facility. From hours of operation to where the delivery docks are and whether there’s a bathroom, drivers will be prepared to make an efficient drop — which is all they want.  As a result, you, as a carrier, will have a better reputation with shippers and will be able to build your relationship with them. Shippers will appreciate that your drivers are on-time, efficient, and prepared. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to find out quickly if a shipper is mistreating drivers, and you’ll be able to address it right away. Some carriers will even terminate a relationship with a facility if there are enough serious incidents. This holds shippers accountable for their actions and helps improve the industry overall.

Take Advantage of the Data Your Drivers Need

As you can see, everyone benefits when there’s more transparency in trucking. The data Dock411 collects is available to everyone — either through our app or by API in your own apps.  We’d love to partner with you to give your drivers the data they need to be successful and have a positive experience during deliveries. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require you to adopt yet another app or piece of software. Let’s connect and chat!