Dock411 competes in JOC Event

Our co-founder Daniel was doing his everyday LinkedIn scrolling and came across an article talking about a conference that was in Oak Brook, IL (about 30 mins from Dock411 HQ) and it was all about shippers. The article talked about how at the conference there was a competition called the JOC Innovation Jam.

This Innovation Jam was a chance for technology companies to go on stage and show how their technology is actually solving real problems shippers are having. At this point, Daniel knew he had to apply for this competition. So he filled out the form and a month later he got an email saying Dock411 was picked to present and compete!


The list of competitors was 6 other companies and a very intimidating list. Matchback Systems, TruckerTools, LaneHub, Acuitive Solutions, Paragon Software Systems, Swam Leap and Dock411.

Side note: Swam Leap had just been ranked #1 fastest growing company in America ranked by Inc. Magazine. They were on stage right before Dock411. Talk about intimidating

Daniels presentation went well and was asked some very insightful questions during the presentation. Although he didn’t win the competition, after he was approached by many asking more questions and people wanting to get their facilities in the Dock411 system. We call that a win!

This JOC event was not our first shipper type of show but it was our first speaking engagement at that type of show. Overall it was great to educate the room about our product and mission. Daniel had many people come up after the presentation saying he should have won because it was technology that was solving a problem and the value proposition was very easy to understand. Dock411 presented a solution to a boots on the ground type of problem that people can see in real life. We think that really resonates with this type of audience.

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