New Driver-Centric Feature in the Dock411 App!

The Dock411 mobile apps have been driver-centric since day one. By showing professional truck drivers what they’re heading into at each stop, the apps make their lives easier and save them time, money and frustration. To ensure the apps are the best they can be, we’ve been working closely with our community of drivers for over 4 years. Our users regularly suggest new information to collect and ways to improve the app.

One of the comments we heard from our driver users was that they wanted an easier way to review shippers. Drivers wanted a way to subjectively record their experience (and shippers wanted the feedback so they could identify problems at their facilities). With our driver-centric focus, we heard the feedback and made a new driver review system the most important enhancement to version 3 of the apps. They can now rate and review every shipper and receiver. A shipper can be rated based on 10 different aspects including the restroom situation, how they were treated by the staff, and how quickly they were loaded and unloaded. They can also add a public comment to tell others what they would’ve liked to have known before they got to the location. Just recently we added a new “private” comment section that allows a driver to directly tell their shipper / receivers how their experience was, without making it visible to other drivers.

These ratings and reviews give drivers a voice and allow our shipper customers to respond accordingly. Our shipper customers genuinely care about the drivers coming to their locations, and want to hear from them how they can improve. To ensure that every driver’s voice is heard, we’ll be releasing a new Spanish version in the next few weeks, with French-Canadian (and more) soon to follow.

The advice and support we receive from our driver community is one of the most important reasons why we’re the industry leader on shipper / receiver information. We are always listening to our driver community and have a lot of new features based on their suggestions in the pipeline.

A few weeks ago we launched our new Beta testing program. Before we release important feature updates, we’ll be passing them through our beta testers who’ll help tweak and polish each feature. If you’re a driver and would like to be part of our beta testing program, email us at

The above might seem minor but when designs deviate across platforms, users can become disoriented and confused. Having a dependable user interface is key to user trust. Users learn how to use our platform once and then that knowledge applies to whichever platform they decide to use in the future.

Stay tuned for big things from the Dock411 iOS and Android apps!