No Finish Lines, Only Milestones

Construction Zone

Have you ever noticed how our roads and highways seem to be always under construction? The crews wrap up a major project one year, only to expand or fix the same road a few years later.

Turns out, developing an app is similar in a lot of ways. Last month we finished the first version of the app and launched it at Expedite Expo. This month, we took all the feedback we received and started work on

The improvements in the new release include:

  • Buttons and links are larger and more colorful, making it easier to use with gloves or when mounted on a stand in the drivers cab
  • Dramatically improved the process of adding a dock, including the ability for a driver to complete the entry at a later point in time
  • Improved flows, so actions which used to take four or five steps now take two or three
  • Ability for a driver to indicate their gender in their profile, so we can share information with our friends at Women In Trucking (
  • A new “My Docks” feature, so drivers can use the app to replace the paper journals many of them told us they keep
  • Fewer “dead ends”, so it’s always clear what’s the best next step for a user to take
  • Reworked the bonus points system, so users can receive 100 points for entering basic information about a dock, then 5 points for each additional question they answer.

Look for the new version of the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store later this month.

Then, just like I-94 through Chicago, look for us to start work on the next release a few days later.