Packing Up, Ready To Go

Dan and I and the rest of the team (Jeff Beach, Chris Brown, Travis Cremer, Molly G.) appreciate your support and advice over the past year. We want to say a sincere thank you as we depart on this journey.

Friends and supporters,

The last eight weeks have been intense as we prepared for our public launch next week. We’re crossing the last items off our lists and packing up our booth and displays for the unveiling at Expedite Expo.

A top line summary of what we’ve accomplished over the last two months:

  • Developed our brand image, with new logo, tagline, and messaging
  • Designed an awesome, attractive tradeshow booth which communicates our brand
  • Developed hard-to-ignore handouts for the show and beyond
  • Developed a social media marketing plan around “weird dock stories” (a very popular item on the marketing survey we did last fall)
  • Formed a marketing partnership with a market-leading company who sells to our target audience – Cargo Equipment Corporation
  • Developed our primary marketing website and a second website for companies to enter information about their own docks
  • Became a certified Amazon Web Services solutions architect and set up our back-end to use their state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure
  • Organized a panel of drivers to get their feedback on the project and app
  • And, oh yeah, built Android and iOS versions of our app

We received approval for the app from both Apple and Google; it should appear in the respective app stores any time now.

Everything is packed and loaded, the engine is revved; it’s time to release the restraining ties.