Proud to Announce a New Partner:


Our Partnership will Offer Valuable Dock & Facility Information to Customers and Users

Dock411, an industry innovator working to improve the communication between drivers, carriers, and shipper/receivers, announced today that we are partnering with, the leader in freight matching and load board solutions.

Dock411 is a shipper/receiver docking information source for trucking, transportation and logistics. Dock411 collects, curates, and shares data like wait times, local directions, parking, restroom availability, photos, hazards, special procedures, and up to 70 other attributes about shipper locations across North America.

Drivers can use the free mobile app to research their next stop before they leave and then add their review once they arrive. Shippers use the web app to publish up-to-the-minute information about their facilities to help avoid dock congestion, lost drivers, and long wait times. 

“The absence of an industry-wide database of facility information was a problem in the freight community. Dock411 came along and solved that problem,” said Paris Cole, CEO of “We’re excited to add Dock411’s data and shipper facility ratings to our suite of products, and for drivers to be able to rate their experiences at shipper facilities. We are looking forward to the benefits they’ll bring customers as we add Dock411’s technology to the marketplace.”

Dock411’s revolutionary product technology and’s marketplace will increase optimization hauling and make each and every load more efficient.

“We’ve worked hard to make Dock411 a great tool for the industry by listening to our users.”, stated Dan Serewicz, Co-Founder of Dock411. “We’re excited about the opportunity to work with to bring our service to a wider audience and about the future integration with the load board.”’s shippers will be able to add facility information in the Dock411 system to create better transparency and help processes run smoothly for themselves and their carriers. By creating a listing on the Dock411 system,’s shippers can take a quick and affordable next step to being a shipper of choice.

The information provided by Dock411 is also valuable to brokers. The docking information they can provide to carriers will help freight move faster and more efficiently, while also improving the efficiency of their shipper clients. 

Future plans involve integrating Dock411’s data and capabilities right into the load board itself where their innovative solution will bring even more value to its users.