PDFs now available for Dock Reviews Report

Most of our Dock411 users open either the iOS or Android app to look up info the docks. What some people may not know is that we also have a solid web-based version with all the features you know and love on the mobile apps, plus additional tools for shippers to help make their dock a success.

We call the web-based version the “Web App” and it’s available to all users at:


One of the tools for shippers who have an Official Listing is the Dock Reviews Report. This report allows shippers to see a consolidated view of the ratings users provide on any of their docks. At a quick glance the shipper can see which areas they’re doing great in and also which areas could use improvement.

Review reporting is available for the following date periods:

  • all time
  • this month
  • last month
  • last 30 days

As a brief aside, we push incremental changes to the Web App close to every week day. Sometimes those changes are under-the-hood optimizations for example, and other times the updates make life just a little bit easier for those who spend a bit of time in the Web App.

Today’s update included a PDF option for the Dock Reviews Report mentioned earlier. PDFs are a great way to share information with team members and also archive data for future review.

Shippers, you can find your Dock Report Review link by visiting one of your official docks and clicking on the Review tab.