Reduce Cost & Increase Safety at Your Facility

Warehouse managers are trying to handle a lot of moving parts — both literally and figuratively. You have goods coming in and out of the warehouses every day, and you have people driving forklifts, walking through storage areas, and more.

One of the ways to be a hero to your organization is to keep costs low and safety high in your facilities. When you develop a track record as someone who knows how to keep your facilities on budget and safe, there will be a world of opportunities available to you.

What are some ways to reach these goals? Here are three strategies you can use now.

Invest in Your Employees

Unfortunately, many managers at every level think that the first place to cut costs is to reduce the investment you make in your employees. The result is poor morale, cutting corners, and stressed employees trying to do too much with too little.

The truth is that investing in your employees results in better productivity, less absenteeism, and better employee retention. You’ll save money at every stage of business simply by giving your employees what they need.

  • Here are some ways to invest in your team:
  • Pay competitive and fair wages
  • Provide opportunities for learning and skill development
  • Help team members advance in their careers
  • Recognize good work both one-on-one and in front of the team
  • Be clear with your expectations and communication

Many of these steps don’t require a major financial commitment. Instead, it’s about letting employees know you value them as fellow professionals and want to see them succeed.

Communicate Well With Drivers

Sometimes facility managers take for granted that everyone understands what’s happening near their buildings. After all, you saw the construction on that road yesterday, so you knew to avoid it today. However, drivers don’t visit your facility every day and hitting a closed road or other obstacles can be very frustrating and delays your delivery.

One of the best ways to communicate with drivers is using the Dock411 platform. We created it in order to increase transparency for drivers and facility managers. You can define a boundary for your facility, mark where bathrooms and snack machines are, make a note of closed and one-way streets, and more.

It takes just a few minutes to add an update, and then every driver who uses that data (which is more than just use the app!) has access to those details about your warehouses. Plus, you can see and respond to driver feedback about their experience.

Let Folks Know the Why Behind Rules

“Everyone has to wear a helmet in this area!”

Yeah, yeah, sure… but no one actually does, unless the boss is around. Why does that happen? Many times it’s because they don’t see the need for specific safety rules. Demonstrating the “why” behind key rules can help your employees stick with the practices that keep everyone safe and healthy.

Helping people understand the reasoning behind safety dos and don’ts is more effective than focusing on days without an incident. Tracking incident-free days can encourage employees to not report incidents when they should, or to hide safety violations. Instead, talk about the dangers that make the rules necessary — with stories!

Set Your Facility (and Career) Up For Success

If you’re looking to help your employees succeed and build your career as well, focusing on lower costs and higher safety is a great way to do it. Surprisingly, making the right investments is usually the best way to cut costs while keeping everyone healthy.

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