Reputation Matters: Why Shippers Should Use Dock411

If you run a warehouse — or a network of facilities — you already have a lot on your plate. You need to manage the traffic in and out of your warehouses, make sure everyone is unloading and stocking correctly, and ensure that picked orders are accurate and sent out on time.

So why should you spend even a small amount of time listing your information on an app like Dock411?

There are a lot of reasons, and they’re all about making your life easier. First, your reputation matters, especially when it comes to getting drivers to accept your loads for reasonable pay.

Second, you’ll have a lot less stress when your shipping processes are running smoothly without unnecessary friction. Finally, you’ll save a lot of time when you can simply update Dock411 rather than having to call a dozen carriers with new news.

Let’s look at each one of these benefits!

Managing Your Reputation

If you run shipping facilities, you know that people share their experiences and that word travels fast. Unfortunately, you may not have much of an opportunity to reply to these reviews or give your side of the story.

With Dock411, you have a great opportunity to manage your reputation. You can start by creating a robust profile that shares information about your facilities, how best to approach them, and what the processes for pickup and delivery are. Our latest update lets you define regions rather than only working with a single point on the map.

Then, you can follow up on reviews by replying to either thank the driver, apologize for a mistake, or perhaps offer an explanation or resolution off the app. All of this is in one place so you don’t have to spend hours looking at dozens of different websites. With Dock411, you won’t have to endure being torn down without having a way to respond.

Reduce Stress With Smooth Pickup and Delivery

For a shipper, a smooth pickup and delivery process saves hours of time and thousands of dollars — and that doesn’t even take into account how much less stress you’ll be under.

The best way to ensure a smooth process is to use an app like Dock411 to share information with drivers from a wide variety of carriers. You can let drivers know where one-way roads are, where construction is blocking access, how weather is affecting travel in your area, and exactly which building in your facility they should go to for drop-off.

You can also post available drop-off hours, parking suggestions, and what paperwork or process is necessary to complete the delivery. When drivers know what to expect, everyone wins.

Save Time By Updating a Single Source

Every facility manager knows how time-consuming it is to call a bunch of carriers to share real-time updates about the conditions around your facilities. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a better way — until now.

With Dock411, you can update a single source of information and it’s shared to tens of thousands of drivers right away. Even if they don’t use the app directly, we have partnerships with other software companies that allow them to use our data.

Having an account with Dock411 allows you to save a significant amount of time while also streamlining your drop-off and pickup processes.

Sleep Better Tonight Because of Dock411

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your stress and improve your delivery processes, Dock411 is the tool you need.

To learn more, schedule a demo today!