Road to 10K Challenge

That right folks, we need your help to get to 10,000 app users! Our goal here at Dock411 is to make stops faster, easier, safer and less frustrating. We do that by showing drivers, details about their stops before they make them.

Dock411 acquires these dock details a few different ways. First, the Dock411 team is out there in the field getting their hands dirty taking photos and entering dock details. Dock411 also works with shippers so they can lay out exactly what they want a driver to do when they arrive at their location. But most importantly, the app allows drivers to record their experience in hopes of bettering future stops at that location for themselves and other drivers.

With that being said, we’re setting a goal of 10,000 users. We feel that this is a milestone we need to reach in order for users to get top value out of the app. In this complex industry with all of the problems we’ve seen and heard of, drivers helping drivers can be a powerful thing. We like to look at it as when we hit that 10,000 mark, each user will have 9,999 other drivers on their team helping them out.

Drivers helping Drivers.

Drivers can see pictures of things like the yard, yard entrance, docks, hazards or unusual circumstances one might encounter. Knowing what they’re getting into beforehand helps drivers prepare for a stop and lessens the chance for unexpected surprises, in turn making everyone’s day more pleasant.

Another great feature is the capability to set the precise dock location on our satellite map. The dock marker can be placed on the exact point a driver gets loaded/unloaded, as opposed to a general pin in the middle of a building. Maneuverability, wait times, restroom availability, were you treated like a professional – all things that drivers can rate on a dock listing. The Dock411 team does what we can, but certain attributes need to come from drivers.

The more drivers we have using the app daily, the more information we have to improve your day on the job. Tell folks about Dock411! Help yourself and each other.