Shippers: Why Focus on Transparency

When a load arrives at your warehouse, how long does it take to get the load into your facility? Unfortunately, in the current environment the answer is likely to be hours rather than minutes.

We all know that there are supply shortages across the country in a variety of industries. That means that as a shipper, you need to receive your loads as quickly and efficiently as possible, and you need to load and send out shipments the same way.

How can you make things more efficient and minimize the turnaround at your facility? The answer is focusing on transparency using tools like Dock411.

A Single Platform For Everyone

We understand that you don’t have time for entering detailed information about your facility in a dozen different apps. One of the things that makes Dock411 different is that we are open to sharing our data with other apps and platforms.

That means that entering your information on Dock411 not only helps the current users of our app, but everyone we partner with going forward. You don’t have to worry about re-entering your data over and over. Dock411 can be the platform you keep up-to-date and everyone benefits.

Save Time on Calling Everyone With Updates

There’s new construction blocking one of the roads near your facility. Uh oh, it’s time to call a dozen or more trucking partners to let everyone know.

Or, you could just update Dock411!

When you put an update into the facility information we provide, it’s immediately available to everyone who uses our app and data. That means you can save time and stop calling everyone — instead, make a single update and the drivers coming to your facility can get everything they need to know on Dock411.

Save Money on Broker Fees

Using a broker can help you get your load handled professionally at a lower price, especially if you use Dock411.

We’ve heard from multiple brokers that it’s much easier to get a Dock411 shipper’s load taken without having to add extra money because the driver knows that they won’t have to deal with unknown headaches.

When a broker can’t get your load taken by drivers, or has to add extra money to make it more attractive, that costs you time and money. You might also get skipped over by the more experienced and professional drivers and be left trusting someone who is newer.

Reduce the risk by using Dock411 to share relevant information about your facility, and let the broker know you do so. That can make a big difference to getting your loads taken care of quickly and cost-effectively!

Dock411 Makes Transparency Easy

Things change all the time, and you don’t have a lot of time to constantly make phone calls to drivers and trucking partners to let them know about everything.

That’s why Dock411 is so valuable. We make it easy to share information about how to approach your facility, the correct dropoff locations, and other details. You can also quickly update your profile with new information, such as construction, closed lots, and more.

Transparency saves you time and money, and Dock411 is the best way to share information with everyone efficiently. Get your facility information entered today!