Sneak Peek: Dock411 New Features for 2022

One of the reasons we’re so excited about MATS coming up on March 24-26th is that we can’t wait to showcase the new features we’ve developed for 2022.

While COVID-19 has definitely slowed the world down for the last two years, we haven’t been sitting idle. We’ve been making Dock411 even more useful for drivers, shippers, and our partners. 

So what can you expect from Dock411 in 2022? Let’s take a sneak peek.

Update Warehouse Information More Quickly Than Ever

As a driver or a shipper, you don’t have a lot of time to be sitting still while you enter information into a database. We’ve worked hard to simplify the process of adding new warehouses and updating relevant warehouse information.

We know you don’t want a long multi-step operation when it comes to adding or accessing information. We can’t wait to show you the new, streamlined process when you visit our booth at MATS or stop by one of our restaurant evening gatherings.

Find Existing Docks Fast Using the D411 ID™

Each dock or warehouse profile has a specific D411 ID in our database, and we’ve now made that available to every user. Instead of doing a search or scrolling through a long list of warehouses, you can enter the D411 ID and jump straight to the information you need.

Our team has made using Dock411 on the road faster and easier than ever before. We can’t wait to show you the specifics at MATS.

Even Quicker & Easier Reviews

It’s one thing to know what a shipper says about their warehouse, and it’s another to know how other drivers have experienced that dock. Leaving reviews should be easy and take very little time, and finding the reviews you’re looking for should be equally simple.

We’ve made Dock411 even more efficient to use when it comes to finding and leaving reviews. We won’t spill the beans on the whole process now, but if you’re curious, find us at MATS this year!

Broader Mapping Capabilities

D411 Facility Maps now support areas such as yards and rooftops
D411 Facility Maps now support areas

You’ve always been able to use Dock411 to add specific points where warehouses exist and share information about those shippers. However, you can now add areas, not just singular points.

This allows you to share more extensive information about an entire shipper facility, rather than a single warehouse or point on the map. You can talk about a variety of amenities in the area, different entrance routes, and more.

Interested in seeing how the new maps work? Come visit our booth at MATS and we’ll be glad to give you a demo.

See the New Features in Person at MATS!

If you’d like to see these new features in action and learn more about them, we’d love to give you a demonstration. 

You can find us at MATS, booth 68208, in the northwest corner of the West Wing at MATS. Or, you can join us at our restaurant nights: Wednesday night at Hammerheads or Thursday night at Agave and Rye

We can’t wait to show you how Dock411 will make your life as a driver or shipper easier and more efficient.