Time to Double Down: Big News About Dock411

We’ve been sharing a lot of exciting information about Dock411 leading up to the MATS show this month. We hope to see you March 24-26th in Louisville so we can showcase these impressive changes in person.

One of the biggest announcements is one that we couldn’t be more excited about, and it’s going to revolutionize how helpful Dock411 is for you as a driver or shipper.

Are you ready for the big announcement? 

Let’s dive in!

Twice the Fun: Dock411’s Warehouse List DOUBLES in 2022

Dock411 already has over 200,000 warehouses in our database, which makes the tool incredibly useful for drivers and brokers all over the country.

But for 2022, we’re going big. Not just big, but really big.

We set a goal to DOUBLE the number of locations in our database this year and thanks to some great work by our team, we’re going to meet that goal in the next few months.

What does that mean to you?

  • Twice as many warehouse locations with detailed information about drop off locations, bathrooms, snacks, timing, and more
  • Twice as many shippers you can review and read reviews about
  • Twice as much value when you take advantage of Dock411!

Remember, Dock411 will always have a free version for drivers, so there’s no reason not to download the Dock411 app today so you’re ready to take advantage of this new information right away. 

More Information Benefits Everyone

Our goal at Dock411 is to put as much information at your fingertips as possible. Being able to double the size of our database is obviously an incredible benefit to drivers, carriers, shippers, and brokers. 

We’re incredibly proud of this improvement and excited to showcase what it can mean in your daily work. We’ll have a booth at MATS where we’ll be demonstrating all of the great benefits you gain from Dock411, including our recent upgrades.

Where can you find us? We’ll have booth 68208, in the southeast corner of the West Wing. We’d love to have you swing by and see what we’ve been working on.

If your show schedule is full during the day, you can also find us Wednesday night at Hammerheads and Thursday night at Agave and Rye. We’ll have a great time, enjoy incredible food, and be ready to share about the exciting improvements at Dock411.

Get Access to the Warehouse Information You Need

A tool that provides information on over 400,000 warehouses around the country is something that no driver, carrier, or broker should be without. Our goal is to provide the best information in the industry so that the business of trucking is more efficient than ever.

From detailed information about shipper layouts, amenities, timing, and more, to reviews from drivers who have been there, you’ll learn everything you need to know from Dock411.

Interested in a demonstration of our benefits? We’d love to connect with you at MATS!