Very Important News

The drivers spoke and we listened! Version 3 of Dock411 is on the horizon.

So maybe you’ve found the Dock411 app a little difficult to use or confusing at first. You aren’t alone. At Dock411 we always listen to drivers’ input to help us improve the app’s usability. Drivers will often send us feedback right from the app. If you have used the Feedback form in the app, thank you! If you weren’t aware there was such a thing, in the home screen menu of the app (hamburger menu on top left side), there is a Feedback link for users to send in suggestions, comments and questions. Feedback submissions are emailed directly to our team. We discuss app improvements and user feedback on a daily basis and implement changes in our app updates. Social media has also been a tremendous feedback channel for Dock411. A huge thanks goes out to all those who have been kind enough to help us understand what works best for the users in the cab. You know who you are!

Obviously, some suggestions involve changes that are more extensive than others, so some of those have been set aside but certainly not forgotten. We’ve taken all suggestions into consideration and will be implementing changes addressing those issues in our upcoming overhaul – Version 3!

So what’s new in Version 3?

Well we cant tell you everything, but we can give you an idea of what we are working on.

We’re adding more attributes to the dock information page! All are things that drivers have told us they want to see about a facility before they make that stop. Guns allowed on the facility, PPE required (safety vest, eye protection, hard hat), CB channel used at that stop, and much more!

We’re also putting the finishing touches on a new facility map on which we have the ability to show all important areas and points at a facility. Entry point, security hut, staging area, man doors, dock doors, hazards, employee entrance and even the preferred route in.

Some drivers have told us that adding your review to a particular location in Dock411 can be confusing. So we are working on an entirely new layout that will make it quicker and easier to navigate, edit and review dock information.

We are also working on a new research request process. So when a driver wants to know about a stop they’re going to, our team can look into the location and notify the driver of any new information. We have a team of retired and injured veteran drivers that research and verify facility information in order to keep our database accurate. You’ll soon be able to receive notifications from our team when a location has been updated with new information.

So watch for the new and improved Version 3 coming soon to your Android or iPhone device!