Welcome Sandy Long to the Team!

We are proud to announce the newest member of the Dock411 team, Sandy Long! She is the first of many that will be helping us verify the docks being entered into the Dock411 app.

We met Sandy through the Women In Trucking association. Sandy is a charter member of WIT and is involved in their social presence. Sandy is also an award winning truck driver and has been driving OTR for 45 years. She is also a writer and has been published in multiple trucking publications including OOIDA – Landline Magazine.

In 2015, Sandy received a citizen driver award from TA/Petro Stopping Centers and had a Stopping Center named after her. How cool it that?

Unfortunately, in February of 2017, Sandy was medically disqualified to drive anymore and could not continue her passion of trucking. So Dock411 reached out to her and explained our mission as a company and she saw value in it right away.

“How can I help”, she asked!

So we showed her The Forge. It’s an online system we built to review and verify all docks that are put into the Dock411 database, which can easily be accessed by a computer, laptop or phone at anytime. Sandy jumped right in and began reviewing docks. She told us that it was actually fun and easy to do. She really enjoys the flexibility of the job because she can log on anytime of the day from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Sandy was recently telling Dan (Dock411 co-founder) that she had to do a brief stay in the hospital for a few days and was planning to bring her laptop and review docks to pass the time! We are honored to have her on board and look forward to what the future holds!